“The intervention of Arturo and Expresión Estratégica’s team has been an organizational acupuncture work which represents a before and after for A-101 Taller de Arquitectura. A unique experience full of learning elements; an exercise that we reinvent constantly, not only as persons but also as a team. This process has undoubtedly taken out the best of each one of us and has helped us keep on working united to achieve our goals”.

Eduardo Gorozpe
Managing Partner, A-001 Taller de Arquitectura

“Working with Ee Group means a guarantee of success. Since I met Arturo I discovered in him his passion to be a better version of himself each day, and that is something he transmits to the people around him. He shows us the possibility of a change, a deep transformation as a human being and as an entrepreneur. The team work behind everything they do is one of their key elements. Ee is not only one of the best strategy agencies I’ve ever known, but it is also one of the clearest examples of a conscious company with an entrepreneurial spirit”.

Julio Amezcua
Managing Partner, Amezcua

“With Arturo and his Ee team we went from going around intuitively, a bit blindly, to driving with a GPS, incorporating clear goals and an effective management. I’ve been recommending them to everybody!”.

Miquel Adriá
CEO, Arquine

“Bienal Comunicación has transformed itself. An evolutional and disruptive transformation by which we have changed a lot to renew ourselves and keep moving forward. During this process, Arturo’s philosophical, chirurgical, and fundamental work has been instrumental to face the uncertainties and difficulties involved in this metamorphosis towards a deeper professional and philosophical approach of our research, reinforcing our disruptive values and creative understanding. Arturo’s genunine interest is the key game-changer. Working with him and his team is collaborating with people that combine wisdom and knowledge and who become timely friends and advisors”.

Carlos Martínez Trujillo
CEO Partner, Bienal Comunicación

“Expresion Estrategica has been an ally to reflect, structure and stengthen our work. I have found a balance between my creative and business goals, without leaving aside our human essence and the values we behold as a studio and a brand. Their advise has, without a doubt, added great value to our team and processes. I fell extremely satisfied and deeply grateful to Arturo and his team”.

Marisol Centeno
Managing Partner, BIYUU

“It is highly rewarding to have a team of people so committed to their work. They showed at all times, good and bad, a keen interest and a strong willingness to carry the project to its completion with the passion and joy that can only come from knowing you are doing the best you can”.

Diego Kuri
CEO, Celular Express

“Expresion Estrategica has meant for us a way to approach a unique tool: process order and documentation. This has given us a platform to have peace of mind and safety, that no doubt will help us going decisively where we want to go. Furthermore, the discipline of constantly questioning things, so characteristic of Arturo, has led the group to a deeply enriching reflection. It is precisely in this area where EE team’s work becomes so valuable. We feel proud and particularly thankful to share this organizational growth stage with each member of their team”.

Gabriela Cámara
CEO, Grupo Contramar

“The word that best describes what I learned is LISTEN. Thank you so much for that!”.

Jorge Goldberg
Chief Commercial Officer, DEFASA

“I’ve found in Arturo and his team at Expresión Estratégica an extension of my need and passion to grow professionally. Two elements have been key for me in our relation: his capacity to personally and proactively be interested in the elements defining each project and tackle them in a critical way, and a true rigor in his work to implement the ideas and commitments we had agreed upon to think in a group in an intelligent, stimulating, and constructive way, Arturo has an outstanding honor for work and individual relations. This code of doing what must be done is undoubtedly a luxury at a human level, and a truly efficient professional vehicle to bring about changes and generate growth”.

Derek Dellekamp
CEO, Dellekamp Arquitectos

“Expresión Estratégica helped us bringing order, discipline and stability to our growth process. Four years ago we were a company with 6 employees and today we have become a 60 member team”.

Manuel Arévalo
General Manager, DISEMO

“Our alliance with Expresión Estratégica has profoundly activated and impacted the creative essence of the studio”.

Héctor Esrawe
CEO, Esrawe

“Expanding the work experience to its fullest potential taught me a whole new language. You can do anything if you get organized”.

Ezequiel Farca

“During the time I’ve been working with EE and its human group, I’ve experienced a sense of tranquility which only a group of skilled and dedicated professionals is able to provide in a highly personal and original way, understanding and solving our problems, working always with good sense, warmth, and availability we are no doubt sure of having taken the correct decision, and we trust that under their guidance, we will fare successfully through a very hard road, having the support and consultancy we require at all times”.

Eng. Alejandro Bolín Hermida
General Manager, Mexico Offices FALCON

“The intervention of Expresión Estratégica’s team was instrumental in the process of change; its objective, concrete, and documented analysis allowed us to know the operation, processes and work team in detail. Such analysis generated the momentum for decision-making in operating and human capital terms, and we are on our way to transform the company”.

Ma. Esther García
General Manager, Editorial Gustavo Gili de México

“I’m so impressed to see their approach on the individual and understand the personality of our team. At the end of the day, we are all persons, and in this sense, very clear foundations for our organization and processes have been established which have given the time needed to set my mind and thoughts where I want them to be. The quality time with one’s self has become so invaluable in these times in which we so easily lose our connection with ourselves and others. The presence of Expresión Estratégica is helping me to have such time and the serenity brought about by clarity”.

José Dávila

“Expresión Estratégica’s consultancy resulted in a contribution that seems indispensable today for all those involved in the organization of Mexico’s Pavillion at Expo Zaragoza 2008. One of its services, perhaps the most thorough, was the analysis of the potential problems, as well as the planning and design of a work platform that was a tool for all the team to keep a proper track on the project, solving key issues, and getting qualitative benefits during the implementation and operation of the different project stages”.

Sandro Landucci Lerdo de Tejada
CEO, Landucci

“We not only do a job; it’s a lifestyle and a way of doing things. Arturo and his team understand our interests, and share the passion and rigorous thought processes involved. Their commitment, discipline, expertise, and human quality have given us more than just solutions; they have made us aware of ourselves and of our possibilities”.

Gustavo Carmona
CEO, Materia Arquitectónica

“In Expresión Estratégica I found an allied team, my company, my colleagues and personally, a group of professionals with whom I opened new avenues to discover and implement my plans. We grew as a family, they were present and engaged at all times in the goals we set. I felt they were with me as I achieved each goal. The objectivity and perspective of Ee helped us to generate an achievement mentality which opened new possibilites with clarity at all levels of Mob. I wish to thank Arturo, Gerry, Omar, Ale, Pablo and Rose for being such wonderful and valuable persons”.

Jesús Irizar
CEO, Mob

“Expresión Estratégica’s work was professional, timely, and with a personalized attention in each area involved, designing the approach required to improve our company, and achieving its most efficient organization and operation they provided me with the support required to locate and recruit skilled personnel. Ee understood our needs immediately”.

Juan Carlos Olavarri
CEO, Olavarri Arquitectos

“Through a precise and insightful diagnostic of our company, Arturo and his team helped implement a clear and strong structure, mapping out and delineating the processes and responsibilities of each area. This clarity and order have allowed us the ability to identify areas of opportunity, generate better communication, enhance productivity and foster a culture of company wellbeing. Most notable, is the thoughtful nature of these interventions; Arturo and his team always maintained respect and consideration for the unique idiosyncrasies involved in the nature of our business: design and handcraft”.

Maggie Galton & María Eladia Hagerman
Managing Partners, Onora

“A businessman often thinks that the contribution of a consultant must be to provide new and different ways to manage a company. I think, however, that the main contribution a consultancy firm can offer a company is its time and dedication: management tools and strategic planning are actually available to everybody. The main thing is to have an expert hand that knows how to implement them correctly, with the necessary time to bring about a change in the organization. In this sense, Expresion Estrategica added a great value to our company”.

Marcos Alcocer Salcido
Executive President, Organización Britania

“The most important thing to me was having someone that very carefully and professionally allowed us to align our goals as a company and as human beings. This was a company therapy which undoubtedly exceeded the foreseen limits, and that has made me grow a lot as a person. I will be forever grateful to Ee’s team”.

Jorge Covarrubias
Managing Partner, Parque Humano

“First of all I’d like to thank Arturo and his team for the commitment and dedication they have shown to us and our project.
When we started working with them we realized we needed much more support than we had initially thought. We gradually understood the relevance of the concepts they were promoting, and eventually developed an enriching and revealing work style.
I think there’s a before and after in our organization since we started working with Expresión Estratégica”.

Rodrigo Rivero Borrell
Managing Partner, Reurbano

“Arturo: Taller de Arquitectura is what it is today thanks to an extraordinary professional bond and a profound friendship with you and your team”.

Arq. Mauricio Rocha Iturbe
CEO, Taller de Arquitectura

“Architecture runs in our blood. However, the only tools we architects have in terms of organization, management, and processes, are extremely basic, and I would dare to say, intuitive. Being able to have a professional advice and consultancy that could, first of all, conduct a diagnosis of our company, and then optimize processes to organize and establish ourselves properly was a decision that represented a great added value in terms of results, since from having 10 employees and losses, after a year we have 25 people and are now posting profits.  Expresión Estratégica has been instrumental in achieving this goal in such a short time, providing us also with tools for the future”.

Tatiana Bilbao
CEO, Tatiana Bilbao, S.C.

“I was impressed by the way Expresión Estratégica was able to optimize work in an area which is traditionally adverse to processes”.

Mauricio Carrandi
Corporate Image Director, Televisa

“Sometimes it is hard to open your company to analyze your processes and being ‘criticized’, and even harder that someone tells you something is wrong…even though you knew it before. An objective, clean, and external opinion can always show a clearer reality of what you live in your day-to-day activities, which is not always the best Expresión Estartégica’s support definitely opened our eyes to keep what we are doing well, and try to change what is NOW very clear we can improve”.

María del Carmen Rotter
CEO, Televisa Consumer Products

“Trust, commitment, and results…  An incredible experience which I’m looking forward to repeating in the future”.

Santiago Kuribrena
Marketing Director, Televisa Networks

Other clients: