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Unity of purpose targeted towards the completion of common goals

“The consulting realm really captivates me because of the ever changing circumstances. Participating in different projects, areas and challanges helps me to grow up and enrich my life´s path. I really enjoy adding value for our clients through implementing creative, viable and unique solutions. It has become my way of making a difference through the evolution of trascendence”.

― Itzel Fernández

“As Business Consultant participating in several projects, I learn, know and live new experiences everyday; this fulfils my personal, professional and intellectual life and my hunger for knowledge. Every time I start a project a new challenge comes my way… I feel the need of improvement from the last one. This way I have the chance to evolve as a person and to leave a mark on our clients. Without a doubt the best reward to me is seeing a happy and satisfied client. The simple fact of being recognized lets me understand I have excelled in what I do”.

― Erick Sanciprian

“Consulting is the ability to identify areas of opportunity and harness them to achieve goals; it involves much more than simply offering a service. It is a personal and professional commitment to direct the ideals of an entrepreneur to meeting new goals in the organization. Getting involved in processes and understanding policies is just a small part of this great job. The true work is guiding co-workers, stressing the values of the organization and not forgetting the relevance of each person within such organization, offering innovative and creative solutions. My greatest reward lies in all the learning and experiences we face each day to a different challenge”.

― Rocío García

“The corporate world fascinated me from the moment numbers and methods became persons. As an Industrial Engineer I learned the method and value of the organization; as a Process Consultant I discovered the value of the human factor and I have dedicated myself to integrate both approaches and reach the highest efficiency”.

― Rodolfo Anrubio

“Creative thought and innovation are my main tools to generate change and transformation. Implementing such tools to come up with creative and innovating solutions is a passion for me, generating value and trust, and building up solid relations with people to create growth and transformation alternatives with intelligence and the best performance”.

― Omar Ramírez

“My work is everyday more and more related to strategy. These spaces allow me to access such a fascinating dream-like dimension and to relish on exploring ideas and scenarios. It is right there where I find my fullest potential, growth and happiness, and where I can bring in more added value to our clients”.

― Arturo González Cosío